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Where Your Thoughts Go - Your Energy Flows

Energy, it seems, is the topic of conversation for many of us. Its price, its availability and its impact on the environment. These topics are, of course, important for many, if not all of us.

But what of our personal energy? It seems that as we travel through life; we give brief consideration to our personal energy until we feel ill, extremely tired, or just full of apathy and malaise.

We are, after all, beings of energy, and this means the flow of energy in our bodies is critical. Many factors influence our energy flow, its quality, and its abundance. The environment, our food, emotions, thoughts, water, belief systems, exercise and relationships - each influence our energy.

And the thing many of us seem to have forgotten is that by unwittingly displacing and depleting our energy over an extended period, it affects the body’s ability to repair, rejuvenate, supply nutrients and heal.

Consequently, toxic thoughts, emotions and relationships play havoc with our energy field (bio-field). So too, do processed foods, sugary drinks, and fatty foods. There is a growing understanding and acceptance through academic research that over 90% of modern diseases are caused because of the stress/toxic hormones that we create. Dr Bruce Lipton has written, “ “Energy is particularly important in regard to the immune system. The immune system is like an internal adrenal system. The immune system protects me from threats on the inside. The immune system uses a lot of energy, as you well know because if you’ve ever been sick, you realize how little energy you have. It is our thoughts, emotions, perceptions, food, environment and belief systems that send messages to our immune system.” Our energy is a precious commodity and we have a lot of control over how we use or abuse it. As a starting place, why not consider becoming less judgemental of yourself? Be kinder. Or, how about finding a quiet moment in the day to de-pressurise and breathe deep and slowly? Undertake an act of kindness and boost your energy by laughing and eating some greens - not at the same time! So, for today, try and find some time to build your energy and appreciate the fact that although we cannot influence energy prices, you have absolute power to boost your energy.

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