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Have you ever watched the beauty of two people using sign language? I say beauty because signing is not just about the fluidity of hand movements, it involves eye contact; body language and heightened visual listening.

Nuance of gesture creates emotion, humour and moments of pathos.

For those of us who do not have to use sign language, we possess the ability to use our voice. Our voice can be a major force in our lives, if we allow it. The #metoo campaign illustrates how a collective voice can also generate a tsunami of influence. Tarana Burk, a social activist coined the phrase in 2006 to promote empowerment through empathy among women of colour who experienced sexual abuse.

12 years later, Tarana’s voice along with countless other women, has seen celebrities join the movement by finding their voice and bringing to justice a myriad of sexual predators. In finding your voice, it may not have the same global impact as Tarana’s movement, but it can be equally profound.

In the workplace, you can find your voice by expressing yourself without fear. You can go beyond internal distorted perceptions that prevent you having an opinion, an idea, a suggestion or a choice.

Others may disagree with what you have to say. Still more may try to silence your views but just like Tarana Burk, you must persevere – especially if the message is important or precious.

Our voice is designed to communicate – to connect. Should we choose not to use our voice - to disconnect fundamentally our ability to empower ourselves, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to grow, connect, support and fight for others. You and I have a voice that is designed to roar; to make known our place in the world.

So for today and the rest of the week; make your voice known and ROAR!

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