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How Past Lives Are Healing Our Todays

It might be the single most repeated question that a human might ask of themselves. It can be a question borne of inner searching, frustration, boredom or even an existential crisis. Whatever the reason, asking, “What is my purpose? exposes a deep need for answers.

Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard once said, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” And this statement perhaps helps demystify the use of hypnosis in past life regressions to get to the root of understanding our purpose here on Earth.

The hypnotherapist acts as a meditative guide, helping clients return to prior lives in search of pieces of information that can give meaning to their present life. These nuggets of information can include elements that relate to health, relationships, fears, occupations, life struggles and even negative habits.

But how does past life hypnotic regression work?

There is a magical place inside each of us, a place we trust, a place we enjoy even though we may not completely understand what this place is. We might experience it when daydreaming, when meditating, or when seeking a solution to a problem.

In this place we are relaxed, enjoying the experience of our own being. Our thoughts are clear. We feel productive. Quite naturally, without any preconditions, we have entered a state of higher consciousness.

What we call daydreaming can take us to that state very easily. Perhaps the urge originates with the “higher self” expressing its desire to communicate with us. It is a place of wonder and a place of great wisdom. It is a state of consciousness visited by saints, mystics, shamans and religious devotees for centuries. Such a heightened level of awareness can be called natural trance.

One definition of the word ‘trance’ is a sleep-like condition.” Trance is also described as being a state of mystical absorption, a state where our interests are totally preoccupied by what we are discovering inside.

Far from being an unconscious state, it is a level of heightened awareness. It is a super-consciousness existing outside the current earthly dimension that leads us more deeply inward toward our own higher being.

Hypnotic trance is the gateway - the entrance to an inner reality that is as real and vibrant as the outer reality that surrounds us every day. They are simply two different worlds, existing together.

With ego, critical thinking and self-judgements put aside, a guided trance is a tool that can be used for self-betterment, healing, understanding, inspiration, and for spiritual development. It is an inner state of peace and wellbeing that is always there for us if we have the willingness and the desire to go into it.

For those who have undertaken guided hypnosis for past life regression, they report feeling at peace, wiser, more self-compassionate, healed, informed, and more purposeful. And being more purposeful is a powerful way to build our future and in the process, feel happier, more motivated and engaged in achieving a life of meaning.

If you would like to know more or receive case studies of people who have found past-life regression to be a powerful and transformational healing experience, please get in touch. Alternatively, feel free to share this post with those who you think might find the post interesting or helpful.

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