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Different Shades Of The Same Colour

Nestled in Cardigan Bay, in Wales, is the beautiful little village of, (Aberdyfi) Aberdovey.

Among its many beautiful features, is its long and pristine beach. Golden sand as far as far as the eye can see.

And so, I set my sights to walk west along the beach.

I went beyond the dog walkers, the beach fishermen waiting for a fish to bite, and the castle-building toddlers. I progressed away from people and activities, with the dunes my only companion. In line with this incremental solitude, I noticed fewer and fewer imprinted paw prints and walking boots. Eventually, there was none.

Here was I, a pathfinder. A pioneer. Treading a new path, which no other had. And then, I got to thinking about my pioneering spirit and realised, what I was thinking was a load of stuff and nonsense. Of course, deep down I knew many others had trodden that path but time, tide and the wind removed all semblance of their existence. But to them: not their endeavour.

And herein, lies my mindful meanderings.

Sometimes, in life, we experience circumstances that may cause us to bemoan our isolation, our misfortune, and perhaps lot in life. We might go further in our imperfect insularity and suggest that nobody can possibly know how we feel. And of course, that is true.

But not knowing how you feel or how you are processing the misfortune, does not mean another has not experienced something similar in their lifetime. There are, as we all know, different shades of the same colour. Differing levels of the same pain.

However, it is because we look inwards that we do not see, or perhaps do not want to acknowledge, that others have gone through similar heartache and pain. We posit that their colour is wholly different and therefore, they don’t understand. How could they? Ergo: they can’t support you, lending a listening ear or perhaps; guide you.

So, if you are feeling isolated and alone, may I make a suggestion. Look away from your pain and look outwards. Please do not think that nobody will listen or is willing to offer a shoulder to cry on. Don’t deprive them of having a chance to support you.

And whatever you do, please don’t add to your burden by shouldering misfortune, ill luck or pain alone. Of all the many shades of colour in the world, I can confidently say, you are not alone.

And as much as I thought I was a pioneering spirit in Aberdovey, I knew deep down, that others had trod where I had been, and most likely; where I was going. And in many ways, this is a comforting thought.

After all, who really wants to be alone?

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