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Bio Wellness Scanning


Our body is energy. More people than ever are learning about the incredible influence energy has on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state. 

The environment, our diet, emotional challenges, difficult relationships or simply the stresses of everyday life can cause our inner-energy to become stagnant, blocked, or depleted.​ These blockages and disharmonies in our bodily energy may manifest as illness, fatigue, depression, allergies, or other physical and emotional ailments.


Our groundbreaking Bio-Wellness scanner identifies these blockages, and we recommend remedies.


Why Are Fingers Used For Scanning?

The highest concentration of capillaries in the entire body is present in the pads of our fingers. And we know that the condition of blood vessels and nerve endings in our fingertips, is representative of the health and condition of our body's organs and systems.

Because of the energy meridians that run from our fingertips to our organs and inner systems, we can identify and analyse if there are deficiencies, excess or blockages to the flow of energy to your vital organs. We do this using state of the art Phototonics Imaging. The imaging method is very accurate and in the case of the indicators of certain diseases and dysfunctions of the body, reaches an accuracy of 90%. 


You place each of your fingertips on the transparent screen of the camera.


Inside the camera chamber, the released photons from your hands are captured and recorded.


The software processes the phototonic data from the scanner, and displays its results.


We offer recommendations on the restoration and harmonisation of the body's energy flow.


You receive a full report and a unique music file generated for your current state to balance all body systems.

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The Condition Of Your
Energy Field
Triple Scan_edited.png

The glow around the model of the human body is a computer projection of the finger scans, simplifying visual analysis of the energy potential of the body. This analysis reflects the measure of harmony and balance in your biological energy field (bio-field).


The visual representation of the scan shows which areas of your body are depleted, blocked or over-active in terms of available energy in your body. This matters because it shows where current health issues are and where predicts where potential problems are  in the future.

The Flow In Your 
Energy Meridians

Meridians are a network of subtle energies occurring deep within the body. Our life force energy flowing through the body’s meridians has been known about for centuries and in Eastern medicine it is called Qi - pronounced, 'chee'.


We have Twelve meridians traversing the human body.​ The twelve meridians are: Lung - Spleen - Heart - Kidney - Pericardium - Liver - Large Intestine - Stomach - Small Intestine - Bladder - Triple Warmer - Gallbladder.

Understanding the meridians and why they get blocked or have insufficient energy offers clues about underlying physiological ailments, of which you may not yet be aware.  

Bio Field Energy around man_edited.jpg

The Energy Balance
In Your Organs

The balance of your energy levels is shown in the report in a circular chart format. The chart reflects the distribution of energy parameters among organs and systems of the body. The optimal level of energy corresponds to the green zone. The inner circles represent an energy deficit, and the outer circles - an energy surplus.

Screenshot 2022-09-24 at 11.10.09.png

Chakra Analysis

Eastern metaphysical theories and Ayurvedic Indian medicine, tell us there are seven energy centres that are believed to affect physical and, to a greater extent, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Each chakra is associated with a different hormonal glands in our systems of the body. It is believed that each chakra resonates at different frequencies.

The most important thing to evaluate is the location of the chakras. Ideally, they should be aligned along the centre of the spinal cord. 

After the test is completed, the program generates a special musical file to help align chakras in concert with other interventions which we recommend..


Let Us Take Care of Unique, Wonderful You 

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