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What we do

When you are faced with inner turmoil and anxiety, the answers you seek are sometimes hard to find in mainstream western medicine.

The good news is, there are solutions which combine modern thinking with ancient understanding and practice. And we have seen that they benefit greatly, those who try them.

Perhaps, you too are ready now for some help?   

Humanistic Therapy

Sometimes, life can feel a little overwhelming.


We offer professional support on the challenges you are facing when it comes to your mental, physical  and emotional wellness. See what humanistic therapy can do for you.

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Bio-Field Scanning

Bio-field scans the energy flow in your body. We can see if organs or internal bio-systems are experiencing blockages or a lack of energy.

These energy discrepancies are valuable predictors of illness and sickness.

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Hypnotherapy offers a safe and effective way to help you overcome something that is preventing you enjoying a fuller, healthier and happier life.

Used by health professionals all over the world, you may be surprised what hypnotherapy can do for you.

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Reiki Therapy

As beings of energy, our energy is influenced by food, the environment, other people, our own thoughts and of course our emotions.

We use a variety of methods to unblock and rebalance your energy.

Energy Healing

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