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Humanistic Therapy - what is it?

Humanistic therapy offers a holistic approach that focuses on free will, human potential, and self-discovery. It aims to help you develop a strong and healthy sense of self, explore your feelings, find meaning, and focus on your strengths.

There are two foundational precepts that underpin our humanistic therapy:

  • Empathy. The therapist seeks to understand you fully. 

  • Unconditional positive regard. This means that the therapist is receptive, and non-judgmental.

Attentive Therapist

What is it used for?

Humanistic therapy can be effective for people who are experiencing:


Humanistic Therapy has helped people with self-esteem concerns and who are having trouble finding their purpose or reaching their true potential. If you are lacking feelings of wholeness, and are searching for personal meaning, or perhaps, are not fully comfortable with yourself as you are, this therapy can help you.

The therapist acts as a non-judgmental, respectful listener who guides the therapeutic process. They acknowledge your experiences without trying to shift the conversation in another direction and offer ways to move forward, at your pace..


In the end - there will always be a calm shore

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