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Wellness solutions
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No Jargon. No Gimmicks. No Fluff.

Just meaningful healing, and caring answers to your wellbeing worries.

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Simple. Accurate. Affordable.


We use modern scanning technology that  identifies what internal organs and systems are being impacted by your thoughts, emotions and lifestyle.


Targeted. Effective. Valuable.


Modern organisations know the benefit of supporting staff through work, home and life challenges.


We offer support, guidance and in-house workshops,  to ensure wellness sits at the heart of a healthy, motivated and productive workforce.

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Heart. Mind. Body.

Ancient wisdom knows that the body hears everything your mind says. We work with the mind and the heart, so that the body receives the right kind of messages and solutions.

So, if your heart is broken or your mind is troubled, why not turn to us now, for some help.

Who we are

What we do

How we do it

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From the heart everything flows

Negative and toxic internal scripts, generate an inner disharmony that manifests in cellular inflammation.

Change the scripts, and enjoy improvements in your overall health and wellbeing.    

This is what Humanistic Therapy can do for you.

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